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Automobile tire mold maintenance method

Automobile tire mold is an important tool used in tire vulcanization process, mould in use process inevitably affected by rubber, chelating agent and the release agent used in the process of sulfide deposition pollution comprehensive (main pollutant is sulfide, inorganic oxide, and silicon oil, carbon black, etc.), repeated use will cause some pattern pollution dead zone. So, must be regularly clean the mold to ensure the cleanliness of the surface, to ensure the quality of the tire and the service life of mould, for this reason, the development of the tire mold cleaning technology industry watches.

Mechanical cleaning method

Using manual sand cloth or steel wire physical grinding and dry sand blasting, can choose different combination according to need to clean. Mechanical cleaning method is a mature technology, are widely used in tire industry. The method is simple, high requirements for equipment, tools, don’t, but there are also unable to overcome the defect that may cause mechanical damage to the mold, shorten the die life; Sandblasting processing easy jam mould vents, unclog the vent of a lot of work after sand blasting. Must the disassembling mold, high labor intensity, cleaning cycle is long.

Chemical cleaning method

Chemical cleaning method mainly includes: the organic solvent method, melting method, acid, alkaline cleaning, etc. These methods are easy to use, low cost. But the long-term use of the above methods can cause mold corrosion, which directly affect the quality and appearance of the product; At the same time these pharmaceutical raw materials, environmental pollution damage to the operators of health, must have a complete work methods and pollutant treatment facilities. At present, the method is mainly used for small rubber products enterprises.

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