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What kind of plastic boxes are there

Plastic box can be found everywhere in our life, family clothes can receive in plastic box, logistics can also be used plastic box. So what are the specific plastic box type? In view of the different kinds of plastic boxes and what effect does each have?

Plastic box design can be divided into plastic box and cover with a cover plastic box. Plastic box with a cover on the lid handle installation, next to the box has a pull clasp, compared the seal better. The plastic box is mainly used in some food or medicine, because of the sealing effect can be isolated from the air, more conducive to the prevention and control of food decay. Lidless generally to put their hand on both sides of the box, plastic box box exposure is how old, the plastic box is more suitable for storing some big-ticket items, such as clothing, bedding, etc., without cover plastic box is bigger, can hold more. When consumer is buying plastic box, can according to your need to choose the most suitable for their own plastic box.
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