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Haoboss has been supplying the front auto bumper mould, back auto bumper mould and auto grill mould to different auto makers. With the improving of customer’s request for surface of car bumper mold, the structure of outer departing surface can’t meet the need of market. So Haoboss have been accumulating the experience and importing the advanced technology in auto mould.

1.Structure of inner departing surface: Haoboss can master the structure and set the departing line on the non exterior surface to be ejected, so it will avoid small step on the surface of auto bumper and avoid the issue of cutting flash. At finally, it helps to realize the smooth surface of auto bumper.

2.The location of injection gate: The reasonable allocation of injection gate could reduce the pressure difference of cavity,  it directly affects the quality of auto bumper.

3.The location of taking injection part: Leave the injection part on cavity side or core side? We have to consider the reasonable structure of auto bumper mould ejection system.

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